A short stack of Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes

All you need to know about GNSOs

  • Ten-years-old in 2024.
  • Still making small batches with a focus on awesome goodness.
  • Approaching 500,000 oatcakes baked!
A while ago a young man named Anthony came up to our table at the Brewery Farmers Market and proclaimed – insisted actually – “Your oatcakes are a blessing to the world!”

A blessing to the world oatcake sticker

No one else we know is making oatcakes with all organically grown oats and whole spelt flour, honey, maple syrup and butter.

It's amazing how scrumptious this combination is both to the taste buds and the magic beings sensing and scrutinizing them.

Folks wonder about all the flavours offered. Truth be told it’s all the same batter really. Only the enhancements change and whatever is added – be it berries or spice – is selected from the finest local ingredients.

Just goodness.
Just magic!

Oatcakes & Strawberries

If you live on the other side of the world why would you care about local sourcing in Atlantic Canada? Good question.

It would appear the way forward for civilization in transition today is to support local economies wherever they happen to be. It just makes sense in our global village, to support small-scale local producers both near and far away.

Besides, there are only a few places on the planet that make oatcakes as a traditional food.

Only this one place makes
Haskap + Raspberry BLISSCAKES “Changing the story of oatcake.”

Rebecca and Ken at the Brewery Farmers Market featuring BLISSCAKES

Not in stores
We tried wholesaling and determined it can’t be done at meaningful scale without robotics. One would need to be seriously automated to serve a major centre like New York or Toronto. In the end the oatcakes might lose that "homemade joy." Let us know if you imagine there's a way around this.

Selling direct means we can have fun with batch packaging, our "collector editions." This was the case initially 10 years ago when wrappers frequently reflected current events.

Look out for the up and coming "Artificially Intelligent Oatcake" at some point...


GNSOs are available at the Halifax Brewery Farmers Market in the upper courtyard on Saturday mornings.
You can also purchase by special order:
  • Phone (902) 444-4218
  • Email tlc@genuineoatcakes.com
  • or here on this website
Genuine Oatcakes come in:
  • Single Sleeves ±9 oatcakes
  • Sampler Boxes ±45 oatcakes
  • KiloCans ±80 oatcakes
  • Gallon Jars ±108 oatcakes
Sampler Boxes are the favourite for mailing these days as they enable variety, are easy to transport and store, and make great gifts.
Sample Box Price Sheet

Oatcake Innovation
As we're not committed to retail partners, we're not restricted. Novelty itself has value, as Crow Qu’appelle likes to say. Seasonally we seize opportunities with garlic and ginger for instance. We also have mainstays which are currently:
  • Classic Oatcakes
  • Cranberry Organic Oatcakes
  • Wild Blueberry Oatcakes
  • Cranberry/Blueberry COMBOS
  • Lavender Sophistocakes™
  • MapleMagic™
  • Vegan Organic Buckyolas™
  • Organic Haskap
  • Raspberry Organic Rockets
  • Haskap + Raspberry BLISSCAKES

Exploring creative possibilities
New in June 2024:

Genuine Ugulas
Spinach & Arugula Oatcakes

Lion's Mane
Oatcakes with Lion's Mane Mushroom

New in July 2024:

The Scottish Oatcake tradition lives on. TRADITIONALS
made with Lard rendered from the fat of pasture raised pigs from
MacDougall Meadows


5 Package Oatcake Sampler
± 45 oatcakes in sturdy ziplocks
for easy storage and transport.
Assorted flavours
$80 postage paid.



Send an email if you'd like to order more than one box and take advantage of available discounts.


Wisdom & Transformation
The oatcake path over the past decade has been quite the journey. The Internet flourished and provided no end of resources. While making and baking we took full advantage and recorded what was listened to on the website.

When we started in 2014 it was whimsically, “Not just an oatcake, a complete philosophy!”

Today it's about creating and baking a delicacy that can cheer you up. Your oatcake is not just making your microbiome exceedingly happy, it contributes to the nourishment of each one of your ± 30 trillion cells!


The KiloCan was an early innovation. A repurposed kilo coffee can, packed with over 80 oatcakes and with oatmeal as "edible cushioning." They've been mailed and received safely all over the planet.

World Oatcake Map

Unfortunately this type of coffee can is becoming somewhat rare these days.


So while supplies last...
One KiloCan
$78 + $30 shipping = $108 postage paid



If we run out of KiloCans, we'll recommend filling your order with 2 boxes (10 packages) same price.

Young girl selecting oatcakes from a KiloCan

Save on shipping:
Two KiloCans
$156 + $44 shipping = $200



Food for real warriors
Speak your truth and stand up
for your rights
We’re fashioning a society
no longer based on fear – rather
on the highest values humanity holds dear
GNSOs stay yummy naturally, and have a remarkable shelf life.
They’ll also keep well in the fridge or freezer.

Guaranteed Goodness!

Genuine Oatcakes normally don’t stick around all that long.

But if they do and you come across GNSOs that taste stale or off, return for refund or replacement – no questions asked.

Oatcake Sunburst

Pooh Bear Jars
Our gallon honey jars put to good use.

±108 oatcakes (in 4 layers)

Custom orders
for local delivery or pick up only.
$88 + $10 deposit = $98.

Do your kids a big flavour favour.
Every kitchen should have one!
Pooh Bear Jar

I'm happy to put anything together for you.
Thinking of something in particular?
Please just ask!
Email: tlc@genuineoatcakes.com
Call 902 444-4218
Ken (Oatman)
GNSO package in the Trailer Park
Early evening at the Trailer Park
Does life get any better?