Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes
Let's be real. Oatcakes are everywhere. Several noble baking establishments throughout the Maritimes make excellent oatcakes: dipped in chocolate; stuffed with peanut butter; gluten-free; sweet and savory, oatcakes literally abound...

Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes sticker

So what’s so special about a GNSO?
Well, an authentic Nova Scotian oatcake needs start with the finest ingredients all sourced locally. You might think of a GNSO as an oatcake with a higher moral purpose.

Many an oatcake recipe will list some combination of white flour, brown sugar and shortening or lard, as basic ingredients. This is an excellent way to create an altogether counterfeit-oatcake.

On the kitchen table here is an elevated “essence of oatcake” that soothes not only a hungry soul but perhaps our greater society all at once. And herein lies the simple magic of the GNSO.

Not just any oats
Oats are as old as the hills surrounding the fertile cresent. Wild oats are older. Long a mainstay of the Scottish diet, oats are a power food. The protein packet in an oat competes well with meat and dairy, and it's enhanced by a nutrious chemistry of soluable fiber designed to keep all your vital organs happy and healthy.

“There is no doubt that some plant food, such as oatmeal, is more economical than meat, and superior to it in regard to both mechanical and mental performance. Such food, moreover, taxes our digestive organs decidedly less, and, in making us more contented and sociable, produces an amount of good difficult to estimate.”
– Nikola Tesla

You just know oats are good for you. A GNSO begins not just any old oats, but with “New Found” certified organic oatmeal from Speerville Flour Mill — only the very best!

Not just any flour
Nobody wants a wheat-belly so we put a spell on the GNSO with SPELT, an ancient (+8000 years old) grain in the wheat family, first advertised in the Bible.
Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes
Whole spelt flour is certified organic, as are a GNSO’s smattering of flaxseeds.

“Wherever flax seed becomes a regular food item among the people, there will be better health.” – Mahatma Gandhi

Most of our packaged food today is made by robotic machines. Is it any wonder we can sometimes feel unloved?

By sourcing ingredients locally, GNSO's are truly as Nova Scotian as can be. This creates a genuine oatcake economy — hearty and healthy — encouraging Organic Farming, while supporting Nova Scotian Bee Keepers and Maple Syrup producers.

Real Butter
It’s extremely rare to find real butter in hardtack or cookies these days. How something so good fell out of fashion is a little mystery — for a while folks thought butter might not be so good for you. That said, Google: Butter and Health to discover current thinking.
Creamery Butter
“As for butter versus margarine, I trust cows more than I trust chemists.”
– Joan Dye Gussow

Get Genuine Answers!

Sugar doesn't grow in Nova Scotia
No sugar here. Therefore a GNSO is lightly sweetened with a magic mix of Nova Scotian honey and certified organic maple syrup. You can actually taste the maple syrup and taste the honey!

Oatcake love
The first time you try a GNSO you’re quite likely to fall in love — and not just with the oatcake! The goodness in every bite spreads all around. You can tell deep down it’s for real. You just know somehow your tiny teeth have landed on something truly satisfying and magnificent.

Some oatcakes are literally the size of hockey pucks. If you're not into that kind of commitment, you'll be delighted to know that the GNSO is a sensible ¼" x 2" round. If you manage one there's little doubt that the urge will emerge to have another.
Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes
Zero Waste
GNSOs are available in reclosable – recyclable –poly bags and reusable zip-tops, perfect for purse, backpack or jacket pocket.

Genuine oatcakes are delicious.
The butter definitely makes them
I didn't need to stop for anything to eat
on my way back to Saint John.
They're a perfect travel meal!
– Benita Turnbull

We’re making small exquisite batches.
Care to try some?

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GNSO Nutrition Facts

“Finally someone got the oatcake right!” – Elizabeth

Genuine Nova Scotia Oatcakes
“My friend was eating a package of genuine oatcakes and asked me if I wanted to taste one. I kind of turned up my nose at them, as they reminded me of the healthy "treats" my mum would make when I was a kid. However, the oatcake was delightful and now they're my 100% go-to snack and treat.” – Phoebe

“Thank you for the superior product.” – Lori and Ross


A Sealevel Special Project   Photos by Chris Reardon